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What does Nadeshiko do on the sidelines when R. Mika is in a match? 🙏 StreetFighter Metro City Crackstyle! 🙏

Skullgirls Cerebella

Abigail X R. Mika -StreetFighter

Street Fighter – Kolin “It’s So Nice To Meet”

DONUT MAKE ME HURT U, Laura vs. Birdie, Street Fighter


R.Mika vs Zangief with Nadeshiko

R. Mika VS Alex – EX Rainbow Typhoon

“Nadeshiko! Go for it!”

“I’ll Totally Make This Look Cool!”

R. Mika vs Zangief – Street Fighter V



The Dark Knight Fill In

While re-watching The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. Found this:


It’s one of the position markers on Aaron Eckhart‘s face for motion capture.

While most people would not notice this, It is interesting how a high budge film would sneak in an incomplete shot for fill in, smart move though.

かぐや姫の物語 The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

Thank you, Isao Takahata (高畑勲), it’s beautiful.